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Favourite Implementation Apps + Tools

Favourite Implementation Apps + Tools

I'm always on the hunt for apps or tools for social, marketing or photography.

Here are my Top 10

1. Klaviyo

Early 2019 I switched from Mailchimp to Klaviyo for my ecommerce business. Klaviyo intergrates incredibly well with Shopify, providing excellent reporting. But the biggest game changer was the email flows capability. While Mailchimp does offer email flow capability, Klaviyo drove bottom line profit by increasing ecommerce conversion with email flows.


2. Mailchimp.

Better suited to service based businesses as opposed to ecommerce (in my opinion).


3. Hootsuite

Perfection for post scheduling, I'll use Hootsuite for scheduling basic posts and blog post announcements to Facebook, LinkedIn, and sometimes Instagram.

I do prefer to post directly to Instagram.

There are some limitations - sometimes to be able to tag profiles in LinkedIn or other specific platforms real time posting is required.


4. Buffer

Another post scheduling tool which I am currently testing for ChristineWestbury.com.


5. Planoly

For the 'grid perfection' on Instagram. I'm a big fan of a beautifully curated feed/grid, but not at the expense of posting or not posting. I like to review posts for my personal Instagram in Planoly to see visually how the grid is looking. Available on the Apple store.


6. Plann

Very similar to Planoly. However I use the free version to store my hashtags. By creating different hashtag 'sets'. when posting to Instagram all that is required is to simply copy over the hashtags and pop them into the first comment. Available on the Apple store.


7. Videoshop

For simply video editing. Available on the Apple store.


8. Lightroom

Editing photography using presets for the perfectly curated feed, or, to save the dark, terrible photo and turn it into something wonderful.


9. Presets by Stacy in Lightroom

I've purchased the Presets by Stacy package to dramatically enhance photography using Lighroom Presets. Game changer.


10. Content Calendar Planner

This is such a simple and easy way to visualise content and activity. I've created a free download HERE. I'll add the plan when content will go live on the calendar and print it for the wall. It keeps me accountable and help execute the plan.


What are your favourites? Comment below!

Easy Approach to Quality Photography

Easy Approach to Quality Photography

The worst case scenario would be; to contract a photographer and then end up with a bunch of photography that simply doesn't resonate with your audience.

Try this step by step process to get the best content photography for your brand/personal brand.

Step 1: Identify the audience/buyer (go through our Dream Buyer Avatar questions here)

Step 2: What are the pain points, desires, needs, wants of the audience? Write those down, but also write down examples of when and where they may use your services/relate to the brand etc. Personal branding is a bit harder (that's where content pillars come in to it - and more on that later). But for business branding, for example, for a beauty brand, the photography list good look like this:

  • Using product in bathroom
  • Product photography
  • Applying product to face
  • Dropping product (from a dropper) into palm of the hand
  • Shopping for product at the beauty store
  • Relaxing with a face mask on and a cup of tea
The list goes on, but write a list of the where/when/uses for your brand/product.

Step 3: Think about personalisation. How can the photography include a human element? A hand, a body part, an action, either with or without a face.

Step 4: Use Pinterest, create a board with photography examples of the above list that you relate to and like the look of.

Step 5: Reduce your photography list to 4-7 genres or elements to keep the photoshoot simple. Collage the ideas from Pinterest onto a document under each genre/element on a document.

Step 6: Provide this collage sheet to your photographer to provide art direction.

Step 7: Go ahead and SHOOT - copying the look and feel of the photography you like, but with your own style (your photographer will help with this).

Step 8: Allow the photographer to guide you - they are experts.

Above all, have fun,

If this photography shoot step by step guide was helpful, please pop your email below for more free ideas directly to your inbox.





one eighty offers technical recruitment services across the built environment.

When Blackjet started working with one eighty there was no digital content strategy late November 2019.


  • To add value and engage with clients and candidates to assist them with their recruitment or job needs.
  • Increase one eighty online presence so they are top of mind when the need arises.
  • Establish one eighty are 'experts in their field' in a professional, accredited manner.


one eighty engaged in the Blackjet Prepare to Take Off workshop to confirm the content strategy. Followed by implementation by Blackjet. Blackjet became one eighty's outsourced content implementer.


  • Deep understanding of audience profile
  • Social marketing content guidelines; language, colours, content types and style etc
  • Developed initial brand personalisation story
  • Content calendar; blogs, posts, and other media type
  • Email marketing strategy


These results are after four months of working with Blackjet. Through this time period New Zealand had the Christmas close down period (which is typically a quiet time in recruitment), and in March 2020 the COVID-19 National State of Emergency.

Engagement rate:

  • The best engagement yet.

Impressions of LinkedIn Content:

  • From 0 to 10,000's.

  • Adding value to clients and candidates in form of market insights, blogs, videos, external articles.
  • Engaged recruitment team who are now sharing their own content across platforms following the 'story' and guidelines.
  • Email marketing strategy altered and systemised
  • Social profiles maintained with regular posting.
  • Photography resource created for future posting, articles and staff to use.