Social media is hard. But it doesn’t have to be.

Ours is the story of a woman who has always flown by her own rules. A rebel, maybe? A dreamer, for sure.

In her first business she succeeded against the odds, ultimately selling her business on high. But in doing so, she flew too close to the sun. And the sun burns. Undaunted she flew again, this time determined to prove she can succeed on her terms.

Blackjet Social is the story of a modern entrepreneur. Purpose driven, principled. Fiercely determined, but with clear boundaries. A business built from hard-earned experience, led by a woman who has learned first-hand how to scale a business and sell it. She is now committed to helping other business owners reach their goals through impactful social media management and marketing.
Blackjet Social exists to help businesses take off and take flight. Social media is the way the world now learns about and takes notice of business. As a result, many businesses invest, but the results they gain often disappoint. Business owners tend to feel frustrated by their own inability to set and keep pace with the rhythm and frequency an effective, modern, social strategy requires.

Blackjet Social genuinely wants to help business owners achieve their goals by helping them harness the power of a disciplined, accountable approach to their brand and business story telling. By bringing structure to all your social media platforms, Blackjet Social provides the social media flightpath for your brand and helps your business to fly high online. 

To support this, Blackjet Social creates compelling, intelligent content by crafting your stories so you can concentrate on running your business. It's all about sweating the small stuff so you don’t have to. Accuracy and attention to detail underpin everything we do.


The role is simple: managing your social media needs to make it easy and your results impactful.

To grow a business you need to understand business.

We do. We've been there. We are there.

This is the Blackjet Social advantage.

Where do you want to go?

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