Specialists in service based businesses

If you are an ambitious, service based business looking for consistency and done for you social media, marketing execution and lead generation (without wasting money on digital ads) - you are in the right place.

An organic social media agency at its core, Blackjet Social will work with clients to map a journey through social media, database nurturing and outreach and then deliver on your behalf.

Introducing Blackjet Autopilot

Our very own product - Blackjet Autopilot generates leads with guaranteed ROI* and no ad spend.

This proven system performs at an exceptional level, ensuring that you stay ahead in the race, with marketing execution your competitors simply don’t have access to.

Blackjet Autopilot is delivered by the Blackjet Social team supported by AI. 

Ask us about Blackjet Autopilot today.

The anti-digital ads social media agency

We've proven businesses don't need to run digital ads to have success.

Over the years we've built, tested and executed on social media, database nurturing and ideal client prospecting to create a done for your marketing programme that delivers results.

If you are a proactive service based business looking to execute on business goals via results lead digital marketing - reach out.

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What We Do

Database Nurturing

Often forgotten and underrated - email marketing, when done well, nurtures prospects, builds rapport and generates results.

Newsletters, database nurturing automation and workflows.

Proven to generate leads and increase customer lifetime value.

Social Media Management

Build brand awareness, engagement and consistency.

Our done for you social media management service includes strategy, content creation, community engagement and execution.

Prospecting + Outreach

Engage in 1-1 conversations with your ideal prospects via outreach to create new opportunities.

We'll actively map prospects and craft tactics to get your sales people in front of the right people.

This approach works while you do, generating appointments and leads.

What People Say

"Blackjet is making a massive difference. We are getting people I talk to within the industry, new clients coming through, prospect clients, existing clients — they're all far more aware of us as a result of the work that they've done."

“Our journey with Blackjet has been incredibly easy. Before we engaged Blackjet, probably only one in ten of the stories I wanted to publish were actually making it to their online destination. Keeping the timing, language and engagement of social media consistent was something that just didn't work with my own schedule. I'm impressed at how easy it has been and grateful that I can simply watch instead of do.”

"My inexperience and fear of social media has been completely covered off by Blackjet, I started in economy and feel I’m heading towards business class!"

“Blackjet provides us with the expertise and knowledge we require to give our brand the recognition it needs in our specific sectors. Very easy to deal with and always improving their game!”

"You've started a comment frenzy!"


For service based businesses looking to grow brand awareness, leads and increase customer value.

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