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Building trust and authority within a service industry with Kendons Chartered Accountants.

Building trust and authority within a service industry with Kendons Chartered Accountants.

Accountants tend to have a reputation for being boring — but Kendons aren’t your regular accountants. Adding value to businesses is what they do, and they do it well. For them, it’s not just about ticking boxes in the name of compliance. It’s about partnering with clients proactively to make a plan, set goals and then hold them accountable in order to achieve them.


There are lots of different accountants and business advisors out there, so how do you set yourself apart from the rest? Kendons wanted to build authority and establish their position as thought leaders. The aim was to continue adding value to existing clients, while also increasing their number of enquiries and attracting new clients. Prior to joining the Blackjet flight, Kendons had an administrator running their social media accounts. Admittedly, this person didn’t know a lot about social media and found it difficult to do it accurately and consistently. It became clear that in order to meet their business goals, they needed to outsource their social media.


Kendons engaged Blackjet to take care of their social media management and email marketing. As we always do with new clients, we started with a discovery workshop where we uncovered their brand story, audience profile, problem landscape and priorities. That’s where the story emerged that Kendons really aren’t just your regular accountants. They’re interested in creating partnerships — Kendons work with clients, not for them. It’s a fantastic brand story that became key to attracting new, ideal clients. In terms of content, it was evident that in order for Kendons to work towards their goals, the content needed to be intelligent and carefully crafted. As subject matter experts, the Kendons team worked closely with Blackjet to provide clear briefs and detailed information on varying topics; Blackjet then took hold of the raw information and transformed it into digestible and well-articulated blog articles and EDMs. The information would often come in the form of a bullet pointed list or ‘brain dump’, which is exactly what Blackjet needed in order to turn it into social media content. To further establish their brand authority, Blackjet was quick to write summaries and post to socials whenever an important announcement was made – for example, COVID-19 wage subsidy information or changes to the bright line test. Monthly webinars also became a key content focus for Kendons; entirely organised by them, Blackjet took on the role of promoting the webinars through socials with the aim to increase their email database and potential clients. With their social media taken care of and their administrator now with more capacity, Kendons could focus on other areas of their business…


As momentum built, it didn’t take long before Kendons started seeing results. The proof came in the form of an increased number of enquiries and offline feedback. Senior team members were being stopped in the supermarket and business networking events and told they’d noticed how great the Kendons social media was going. Kendons had well established their position of authority and potential clients were noticing. Fast forward to the present day, Kendons are continuing to fly high online with their effective social media strategy and content plan. Their administrator still plays a key role in the relationship with our team here at Blackjet and she continually provides valuable insight — it’s similar to their own philosophy, we work with Kendons not for them.


“We have loved working with the Blackjet team – they have an amazing grasp of business which has made it really easy for them to understand what we do and the value we offer to clients. Intelligent, down-to-earth and focused on getting the job done – couldn’t recommend them enough highly.”

- Michael Markham, Chief Executive

Kendons are a great example of a service based business who wanted to take their social media to the next level. With a clear flight path in hand, Kendons have been able to achieve what they’d hoped to and are now looking to set new goals that will propel their brand and online presence to even greater heights. Please contact us if you’d like to discuss what a digital strategy for your business may entail, and if you’d like to find out more about Kendons - click here.


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