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Too busy to post the content! Here's the solution for Straight Flush Plumbing.

Too busy to post the content! Here's the solution for Straight Flush Plumbing.

When you think of a plumber, what first comes to mind? Maybe it’s that they’re always grubby and they never show up on time. Of course, that’s a sweeping generalisation — but for Straight Flush, that description couldn’t be further from the truth. Based in both Wellington and the Wairarapa, Straight Flush pride themselves on their professional, personable, no-nonsense approach to plumbing and gasfitting. Whether it’s an emergency repair or planned maintenance, you’re in good hands from start to finish with the Straight Flush team.


Straight Flush’s Director Ngaire is one busy lady. With two teams in different locations to look after and a successful business to run, she doesn’t have a lot of spare time on her hands — but what Ngaire lacks in time, she makes up for in content. The team are always sending images back and forth, creating a stockpile of content in Ngaire’s camera roll waiting to be shared with the world. It always varys too — from interesting discoveries on site, to baking that a customer has given them, to their kids hanging out on the playground wearing Straight Flush branded hoodies. Ngaire is what Blackjet calls ‘content rich’ — the only problem was that she just didn’t have the time to post consistently on their social media channels. Straight Flush weren’t short on leads either, they were simply needing social media to support their brand awareness and help grow their business by ensuring that workflow continues in the future. With big growth plans in the works for the coming years, it became clear that social media was an area they couldn’t afford to lack in. That’s when Blackjet stepped in…


Straight Flush started on the Blackjet flight path with a discovery workshop. It was here that we uncovered everything to do with their brand, business, people, customers and priorities. It was evident that Straight Flush are not just your regular plumbers and gasfitters; they’re ambitious, tight-knit, incredibly hardworking, very personable and to sum it up simply — customers just adore them. You don’t have to read too deep into the hundreds of reviews to realise that Straight Flush are highly regarded and well respected. With this, it was apparent they had a powerful story to tell. Blackjet soon got to work crafting their social media strategy and content. Straight Flush had recently gone through a rebrand, so we utilised their new assets and created a range of different visual templates that would be used to showcase different content — including testimonials, promotions of service offerings, and job advertisements. Because of their two different sites in Wellington and the Wairarapa, consideration needed to be given around which content could be used for each individual channel as essentially both are different audiences. With the objective being more around brand building than generating leads, the content was crafted so that it encouraged engagement whilst still ensuring their brand story was woven throughout.


As momentum began to build, success soon became evident as engagement rates started to increase. Slowly but surely, Straight Flush were telling their story and people liked what they had to say. The diverse mix of content kept audiences on their toes and meant that a range of different key priority areas could continually be covered off. This was an essential part to ensuring that social media would help Straight Flush work towards their business goals.


“Our journey with Blackjet has been incredibly easy. I share content with them straight off my phone, with a little story behind what the picture(s) are about. They slot it into the queue, sometimes by reshuffling things, other times at the next available opportunity. Before we engaged Blackjet, probably only one in ten of the stories I wanted to publish were actually making it to their online destination. We also had hundreds of professional photographs on hand that we needed to make the most of in order to push our brand out there — it just felt like another job I didn't have time for. Without the team at Blackjet using them on this medium, the photos would otherwise sit in waiting for our new website, which is still under construction. Keeping the timing, language and engagement of social media consistent was something that just didn't work with my own schedule. Provided they have the content, Blackjet takes the entire process off my hands other than checking in on what's happening/coming up in the business and making sure that is evidenced online. I'm impressed at how easy it has been and grateful that I can simply watch instead of do.”

— Ngaire Mansfield, Director.


Straight Flush is a business that is always striving for excellence, and it’s been a privilege to be a small part of their journey. Please contact us if you’d like to discuss what a digital strategy for your business may entail, and if you’d like to find out more about Straight Flush - click here.


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