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Raising the brand profile with Modeliving

Raising the brand profile with Modeliving

Everyone would like their home life to be more convenient, right? Wairarapa-based business Modeliving is all about transforming homes and offices with intelligent solutions. From multi-room audio and smart lighting, to reliable data networks, security and automatic gates – Modeliving can do it all.


Modeliving wanted to raise their brand profile online. They understood the importance of social media and the role it plays in building a brand, but they just didn’t know how to do it. With their administrator moving on, it seemed like a good time to reassess roles within their business and outsource their social media to experts. The products that Modeliving install are complex, so it was important for them to partner with someone like Blackjet who understands complex concepts and can articulate them into a customer-centric approach.


To kickstart Modeliving’s journey on the Blackjet flightpath, we held a discovery workshop with Tony, their Managing Director. The discovery workshop is all about diving deep to uncover the brand story, problem landscape, key priority areas, and how it can then all be communicated online through intelligent content. The findings of the discovery workshop allowed us to curate a social media strategy that would enable Modeliving to simultaneously meet business objectives whilst growing their brand in the online space. From there, we got into content creation. A visual identity for social media and templated posts were designed, allowing for a range of different content applications. A photoshoot with the Modeliving team was also carried out to humanise and personalise the content — our most recent photoshoot with them was held at the beautiful Wharekauhau Country Estate! With a strategy in hand and content creation sorted, Modeliving was ready to take off. As well as social media posting, Blackjet also carried out email marketing with a templated design specifically for Modeliving. Email newsletters are an often underrated form of marketing communications — as Modeliving soon learned...


A major milestone in Modeliving’s journey on the Blackjet flight was the success of one particular email newsletter. Prior to this, social media activity and email marketing had been carried out regularly, but there were reservations around whether any of it was actually working. Success looks different for every client, and for Modeliving, the number of likes they were receiving across their socials told an inaccurate story. When a promotion for one of their services arose, Blackjet was quick to the mark and sent out an email to Modeliving’s client base encouraging them to participate. Shortly followed by a campaign on social media, the promotion was being blasted to potential customers throughout the Wairarapa and Wellington. Just as hope was beginning to be lost, that’s when it happened – it hit tipping point – a multitude of customer enquiries and tens of thousands of dollars worth of product was sold. It can take time to gain momentum, but with strategy, consistency and creativity, Modeliving were able to fly high above the clouds.


“My inexperience and fear of social media has been completely covered off by Christine from Blackjet, I started in economy and feel I’m heading towards business class!” — Tony Stephenson, Managing Director.


Modeliving has a fantastic story to tell, and it’s been our pleasure working with them to help bring their brand to life in the online space. Please contact us if you’d like to discuss what a digital strategy for your business may entail, and if you’d like to find out more about Modeliving - click here.


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