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Creating authority and momentum with One Eighty Recruitment

Creating authority and momentum with One Eighty Recruitment

One Eighty’s purpose is to “build relationships that work” — and that’s exactly what they do. As recruiters for the construction, engineering/design, architecture and property sectors, One Eighty converse and consult with a broad range of people. Their recruiters are privy to market information which both clients and candidates find valuable, making them experts in their fields.


One Eighty are recruitment experts, but they needed to establish themselves as that within the industry. It became clear that social media would play a key role in meeting that goal, but it was an area they lacked in. With both clients and candidates having needs to be tailored to, One Eighty realised it was a job that required a lot of time — something that their busy Recruitment Consultants and General Manager couldn’t commit to. Outsourcing their social media and marketing was the only viable option if they wanted an accountable, consistent and successful approach.


With their two key audiences being clients and candidates, a well thought out strategy was essential to ensuring that both were being served in the most effective way possible. The content strategy was developed as a balance of thought leadership pieces, market updates, blog articles and testimonials. The tone of the content had to be considered carefully; it needed to be friendly, conversational, but also confident — after all, they are recruitment experts. With the written content being carefully curated, photoshoots took place to provide the appropriate imagery needed for the content to fly high online. As well as social media content, email marketing became an important part of One Eighty’s strategy; both audiences received a dedicated email newsletter each month that provided them with valuable market insights and other information they both wanted and needed to know. One Eighty’s brand awareness was soon elevated even further with opportunities arising for their consultants to develop their own personal branding through email newsletters and Linkedin. As a whole, One Eighty began to build momentum and their audience took notice.


One Eighty joined the Blackjet flight prior to lockdown in 2020. Before this time, many recruitment companies did not have an online content strategy; this meant that when lockdown arose, they were stuck with a lack of content, few ideas, and a whole lot of uncertainty around how to navigate the online space during that time. Equipped with a detailed social media strategy, One Eighty were able to continue adding value to their audiences whilst easily pivoting their content as needed. Rapport began to build as they established themselves as recruitment experts who knew their stuff, especially during times of uncertainty. Fast forward to the present, One Eighty are soaring to new heights as they continue to share intelligent, value-adding content online. Recently, their general manager was approached to take part in a panel to discuss recruitment trends and share his insight — an opportunity that he believes is attributed to the efforts of building One Eighty’s brand online. It’s also an exciting time for them as they embark on a rebrand to strengthen their brand’s message and continue to grow as a business. For One Eighty, the only way is up.


“Blackjet provides us with the expertise and knowledge we require to give our brand the recognition it needs in our specific sectors. Very easy to deal with and always improving their game!” — Mike Westbury, General Manager.


One Eighty creates opportunities for clients, candidates and their families, and it’s been our pleasure helping to establish themselves online as the industry experts they are. Please contact us if you’d like to discuss what a digital strategy for your business may entail, and if you’d like to find out more about One Eighty, click here.


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