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Easy Approach to Quality Photography

Easy Approach to Quality Photography

The worst case scenario would be; to contract a photographer and then end up with a bunch of photography that simply doesn't resonate with your audience.

Try this step by step process to get the best content photography for your brand/personal brand.

Step 1: Identify the audience/buyer (go through our Dream Buyer Avatar questions here)

Step 2: What are the pain points, desires, needs, wants of the audience? Write those down, but also write down examples of when and where they may use your services/relate to the brand etc. Personal branding is a bit harder (that's where content pillars come in to it - and more on that later). But for business branding, for example, for a beauty brand, the photography list good look like this:

  • Using product in bathroom
  • Product photography
  • Applying product to face
  • Dropping product (from a dropper) into palm of the hand
  • Shopping for product at the beauty store
  • Relaxing with a face mask on and a cup of tea
The list goes on, but write a list of the where/when/uses for your brand/product.

Step 3: Think about personalisation. How can the photography include a human element? A hand, a body part, an action, either with or without a face.

Step 4: Use Pinterest, create a board with photography examples of the above list that you relate to and like the look of.

Step 5: Reduce your photography list to 4-7 genres or elements to keep the photoshoot simple. Collage the ideas from Pinterest onto a document under each genre/element on a document.

Step 6: Provide this collage sheet to your photographer to provide art direction.

Step 7: Go ahead and SHOOT - copying the look and feel of the photography you like, but with your own style (your photographer will help with this).

Step 8: Allow the photographer to guide you - they are experts.

Above all, have fun,

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