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Product Photography; Get it Right

Product Photography; Get it Right

Consumers make a decision about your brand within split seconds. Does the photography help or hinder when creating trust and perceived quality for your brand?

Unfortunately, a photography strategy is often overlooked due to budget or lack of understanding.

Photography is the basis of any content strategy, it's a must-have, not a nice to have.Often, brands will need a suite of content imagery, and be looking to update it throughout the year. We like to recommend starting with a small varied set of photography and developing the brand style over time.

You'll need two types of photography; clear cut/product images and lifestyle images.

Clearcut Product Photography is often shot in studio with professional lighting, can be clear cut or is on a transparent background and is the most used photography style. These photos feature on websites, print material and throughout digital.

Lifestyle Imagery "is a mood". They communicate the feel, mood, language of your brand/product. Often these photos are on location, or styled in studio. They'll tell the story of the brand and be visually striking.

We will touch on this point at a later date, but Blackjet Marketing is a big fan of including human elements to styled imagery; a hand, a body, a face. People relate to people, and it brings personalisation to the brand story which is incredibly powerful.


Have a think about the brands you resonate with online? How do they portay the brand story with imagery? If stuck for ideas for you own brand, have a look at what parallel brands are doing, what do you feel when looking at their imagery and what learnings can you take from them?

Feel free to reach out if you'd like a free chat about product photography and how Blackjet Marketing can help with strategy and implementation.


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