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Why Blackjet Looks Different - The Re-launch Details

Why Blackjet Looks Different - The Re-launch Details

Time and experience provides triumphs, tribulations and a lot of lessons. These lessons helped Founder Christine scale and sell a previous business. Based on those learnings, Christine created Blackjet to help other businesses take off and take flight online. This flight has opened a new world of opportunities for both herself, her team, and the business owners they work with.

In this day and age, the digital world rules all. Social media has become a vital part of a business owner’s toolkit, and if you’re not online, then you’re missing out on a massive opportunity to grow your business. For Christine’s previous business, she understood the role social media, email marketing and content creation played when it came to building a brand online — and it ultimately enabled her to grow the business from the ground up. Other business owners saw what Christine was doing and wanted to know the secret — but the thing is, the secret to success online isn’t just posting pretty pictures and fun captions: 

“They would say to me, “how do you do it? You’ve built this social media following, you’ve built this brand online, it’s generating sales and activity for your business, how do you do it?” And one thing that I learned is what we now call, ‘the Blackjet advantage’. It’s this ability to create an emotional story that resonates with the target audience. So often, people put out social media posts that are like “happy Friday!” or “we are the best”, but flipping it on it’s head and actually solving a problem and being emotive in the way that we represent the brand is a really key part of the success online these days”.

Christine sold the business in 2019 — and armed with her new learnings and a bit of extra time on her hands, it didn’t take long before she realised what her next business venture would be. 

“There are so many businesses out there that know exactly where they want to go, or what they want to achieve, but they don’t have the ability to do their online marketing in a consistent manner. I just really wanted to help businesses achieve what they wanted to — and so Blackjet was born.”

16 months after the inception of Blackjet, Christine is now undertaking what she’s calling a “re-launch” — an overhaul of the Blackjet brand in order to be more aligned with what her and her team actually do. Blackjet isn’t a group of social media freelancers who do it as a side-hustle, but rather a team of dedicated content specialists who dive deep into their clients’ businesses in order to produce intelligent, well-crafted content:

“We felt that our online presence didn’t represent what we were actually about. We wanted a really sophisticated, mature, business-to-business feel. We’re all in, we’re all about helping our clients and really understanding their business, so the rebrand needed to represent that. Now we feel confident about what we do.”

As Christine and Blackjet embark on this new beginning, it’s an exciting time that will see hours of hard work come to fruition. For Christine, this new brand alignment represents a new flight path for the business, enabling the Blackjet team to help even more business owners fly high online — the sky really is the limit.


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