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What's your content strategy for the holiday season?

What's your content strategy for the holiday season?

While we all deserve some time at the beach after the year we’ve had, social media and online content are things that don’t ever really stop. One way to ensure you don’t lose momentum online over the holiday period is to have a content plan in place. You’ll know exactly what to post and when to post it — not only making life easier, but also ensuring your business starts 2022 with a strong strategy in place. We’ve gathered some content ideas to utilise this upcoming silly season, so you can  continue flying high online while enjoying some well deserved time off.

Think about seasonal trends

Blackjet clients span across a broad range of different industries, but all of them have different seasonal trends. For example, recruitment agencies are faced with the ‘new year new job’ trend in January, so important information regarding this is added to the content pipeline throughout November and December. Similarly, our property management client has a high volume of tenancy agreements ending in January or February, so we’re making sure to feed through that content now to get the audience thinking. Look ahead and keep the audience front of mind — what exactly do they need to be aware of and what actions do you want them to take?

Recap on the year that was

Did your business reach any big milestones this year? Did anything monumental or exciting happen? When short on content, it’s a good idea to loop back over things that have been shared previously. Top tip: remember to craft your words accordingly so your audience doesn’t get deja vu! 

Support a local charity

Christmas can be a difficult time of year for many people and families. Consider partnering with a local charity, whether it be donating money, food, goods, or time. Sharing these efforts online is a great way to raise awareness for the charity and also give insight into the values of your business.

Showcase your team members

What is each team member hoping to find under the tree this year? Keep your content light and fun by sharing chatty, conversational posts about your team — it’s a great way for your audience to get to know them better.  

Utilise video content

Get personal with your audience and talk to them — we don’t mean a full scale video production, it could simply be your Chief Executive sitting in front of their iPhone and thanking your customers, clients or suppliers for their support this year. It’s quick, easy and mixes up your type of online content.



It’s been a tough year for many kiwi businesses, so consider supporting one or two with a giveaway. Giveaways don’t have to be extravagant — think vouchers or a collection of small products that your audience would be interested in. All you have to do is simply purchase these items and put a giveaway up on social media for others to win. It’s a fun thing to do in the lead up to Christmas and is also a great way to bring in new followers and increase engagement – for example, to enter the giveaway a person has to like the post, follow your business and tag a friend in the comments. If you need tips for how to run a great giveaway, contact us.

Email campaigns

Customers want to feel special. It’s a good idea to include email campaigns in your content strategy to ensure your business stays top of mind. It doesn’t need to be full of value-add content every time — you could send a simple email wishing everyone a happy holiday, a conversational email with business and team updates, or even one with exclusive deals and offers.

Work Christmas function

Will your team be doing something exciting? Share it on socials! A good content strategy has a balance between value-add, business goals and fun — showcase why you’re a great business to work for.

It’s easy for social media and online content to get pushed to the bottom of your to do list at this time of year, so having a solid plan in place is key to getting it done. If you’d like help with curating your content and managing your social media, don’t hesitate to get in touch via — coming up with content ideas is only the first step to flying high online! 


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