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What's Been Happening on Board "Flight 2021"

What's Been Happening on Board "Flight 2021"

It’s been a fun start to “Flight 2021”. Clients have a clear vision about how brand building online supports their business and the value they’re keen to share with their audiences online to build brand. This, is resulting in some really dynamic content calendar meetings!

To share some insights, some high performing content has been:
- Sharing an inside glance to the company and the advancements they’re putting in place to better serve and add value to customers. For example, a webinar for clients to upskill or building a new manufacturing plant to increase production (and therefore serve customers better).
- “The fun stuff” always performs well, provided the balance is right of ‘value add’ vs ‘cool office stuff’ and we ‘read the room’. Particularly in times of economic or social hardship.
- Preparing a thought leadership piece, or industry knowledge is a great way to build brand authority. For example, sharing quick snippet on trends, or perhaps sharing insights to a topic that other industry professionals may find of interest.

Every business/brand is at a different stage of their flight path. Some are starting 100% from scratch with no social media presence and others are building on platforms which have perhaps been neglected over a period of time. For some, perhaps, they've endured the common problem of finding social presence gets pushed down the priority list (sound familiar?). Don’t worry, we understand.

Imagine an aeroplane sitting on the runway, it has to go through system checks, it needs a crew, passengers, and momentum to get down the runway. It’s a bit like an online strategy, it requires effort and fuel to achieve take off. Not to mention maintaining the flight path and continuing on the journey. All things we 100% understand and have the crew to achieve.

Personally, all puns and analogies aside, I’m excited to see what 2021 brings and how we can help everyone build their online presence. We get a kick out of your success online. It’s the little things like hearing the success from an email blast which resulted in purchases within a short time frame, or simply hearing about how their social presence opened the door on a new opportunity with a prospect.

Feel free to contact me if you’d like to discuss any ideas or thoughts you may have, or simply to connect for a cuppa.

Continue flying high,
Christine Westbury,


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