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What is Social Proof (+ How Do You Get It)?

What is Social Proof (+ How Do You Get It)?

Now more than ever, having an online presence is vital for business growth, consumer engagement and positions yourself as an authority figure in the industry. But there’s more to it than just setting up a few online social media profiles. It’s how a successful social media strategy and consistency is implemented into the business. So, how do you put yourself there?

The answer, a psychological concept called social proof. But what is social proof?

It refers to people following actions based on what others are doing -- like sheep, they’re following the herd. Watching people around them and allowing it to impact their behaviours and decisions. Because if other people are doing it, it must be worth it, right?

We all know that the secret to a good relationship is trust. Marketers know that social proof can vastly increase a business conversion rate, making the decision easier for the client to buy their service. Establishing clear social proofs online provides signals for trust and consumers will see a credible brand, building that trust sooner.

With so many options available for consumers, building social proofs online could be the difference between converting a browser to a buyer, or them simply scrolling on. Here’s how to get your small business on the runway and showcase first-class social proofs online.


One of the most important aspects of showing social proof online is testimonials. The more positive feedback from clients, the more credible and trustworthy the business becomes. They can significantly impact conversion rates by 34% or more.

Different to reviews, testimonials are a direct quote about a client’s experience working with you. They encourage potential clients by putting themselves in the same position, being able to relate to the experience. It’s more impactful if the quote is from the specific target audience, or even better, an industry expert.

Testimonials can be used across all social media platforms to promote your business. Taking comments from Instagram to post on Stories and ‘Testimonial’ highlights, and even sharing testimonials from your website. Keeping consistent, up to date testimonials ready for prospective clients to see, builds more trust and credibility.


 Similar to testimonials, sharing positive reviews from clients can accelerate conversion online. Unlike testimonials, reviews are user-generated and more commonly found through third-party websites, along with a star-rating system. Of all online consumers, at least 92% read one review before deciding to make an online purchase. They don’t go by service descriptions alone, but the most reliable source, people who’ve experienced the service themselves.

Clients who follow across social media may leave comments and tag your business as a recommendation. Utilise this opportunity to reshare and post the current comments. Prospective clients will see this as a seal of approval, especially from recognisable industry names.

Sharing industry statistics

Implementing industry statistics into social media strategies puts you in a position of authority in the industry. Consistently delving deeper and sharing the findings.

By creating content through specific industry statistics, it demonstrates the expertise they need and how you can solve their problem. Sharing valuable content across social media achieves objectives, such as brand recognition, audience engagement and places you in an influential position in the field. Using the relevant numbers and stats as well as competitors to be in a pivotal role to increase clientele and revenue. If prospective clients can see a business that knows what it’s talking about and that other clients are happy, they’re likely to make the same choice.


Ultimately, showing clients and potential clients you’re an expert can be achieved through report findings and sharing online data. Looking at the metrics, like impressions, engagement rate and conversions are important for tracking business growth. By sharing these details online, it demonstrates across platforms an industry awareness, credibility and the speed of growth to clients.

If you have certificates and credentials that show your knowledge and expertise too, put them out there. It will build upon the testimonials and statistics already present on your social media accounts as well as build trust with clients sooner.


Presenting your business online is essential for a successful business. You don’t need to be posting daily. But you do need to show up. If you’d like to learn more about how to build social proof online, contact Blackjet for more information.


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