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How Do Businesses Build Trust Online?

How Do Businesses Build Trust Online?

It’s possible your business currently operates successfully using traditional or referral marketing methods. While this might be working well for you now, are you confident you’re futureproofing as we rocket towards a digital-dominated future? 

As the pool of potential customers fills with ever-maturing digital natives, businesses that fail to have an online presence simply won’t thrive. It’s not just ‘Gen-Z’ - checking out brands and businesses online before committing is standard practice for customers across the board.

Having a meaningful online presence is your opportunity to warmly greet a potential customer before they’ve even walked through the door. It’s a digital smile, enthusiastic handshake and a crucial first step in building a relationship. 

So, how do businesses build trust online? We’ve broken down five key factors to get you started.

First impressions matter

As much as we hope people won’t, it’s human nature to judge a book by its cover. The focus of an online presence is ensuring a customer’s experience with your business online aligns with what the in-person experience is like, whether that be professional, fun and/or friendly.

Use key trust signals

If a customer is unaware of your brand or service, they are more likely not to trust you. Soothe perceived risk by opening up communication and showcase client success Extend the power of word-of-mouth marketing and make sure to include customer testimonials, media features or brand collaborations to offer assurances. Reviews go further than you might think in conveying trust!

Humanise your brand

To build confidence, customers need to know you’re authentic. It’s simply not enough to show them stock imagery and service-focused information. People want to know the faces behind the businesses they use! Don’t be scared to get real, tell your story and let your customers in.

We’ve written a whole blog on ways to humanise your brand - go check it out HERE

Show you get it 

In order to build trust, customers need to know that you completely understand their needs. This starts with some deep listening - do you know your customer? What are their key pains? 

Once you fully understand your audience, you can begin to build trust online by directly communicating that you empathise, and not to worry, your service can ease their burden. 

Messaging should resonate and reassure, in user friendly, accessible language. Keep in mind that your customers are unlikely to want a complicated method. Transparency and specificity are key as you explain what your customer no longer needs to stress over. 

Get social

There’s no better way to humanise your brand, reach new customers, and offer a glimpse into your business culture like social media. 

If you haven’t already, make sure your social media is prioritised in your marketing efforts. Ideate a few key pillars of content ideas - topics or categories you know your audience will find value in - then execute regularly! 

A consistent social media profile takes effort (we would know!), but the results are abundant.

Where it once may have been sufficient to build interest based on word-of-mouth or referrals, consumer habits of checking online platforms have shaped their decision making process. Make sure you don’t miss the boat!

If it all sounds too hard - don’t panic! At Blackjet we help businesses fly high with impactful social media management. Book your free strategy call to discuss how social media can help you achieve your goals HERE.


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