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How do you keep your social media dynamic? 2023 is the year of trying something new

How do you keep your social media dynamic? 2023 is the year of trying something new

For us, the insight to this question comes from: what is performing best for clients, watching what is happening globally and being specialists in the social media management industry.

Be prepared to try something new. Yes, consistency and momentum is important when it comes to building a brand on social media, but how are you keeping it dynamic? Think of a social media newsfeed like a billboard you drive past every day. Do you take notice every day? No. But, your subconscious mind recognises the brand and keeps it in the back of your mind until you have a need or want. One day you drive past and the billboard creative has changed – bingo – I bet you take notice right? A social media newsfeed can be like that – what dynamic content is going to capture the attention of the audience you’d like to attract and drive them to take action? Here’s an idea…

Short-form video is a quick and easy way to keep it dynamic. We are predicting we will start to see Tik Tok type content sneak into LinkedIn. And for those who haven’t consumed a ‘Tik Tok’ video yet – it’s a short, snappy, often with fast transitions video in vertical format. Typically, there is minimal production, it may even be in ‘selfie form’ – but the most important factor is – it’s short. Video is being prioritised as the attention span of our audiences drop. I’m not saying every business should be on Tik Tok (it’s a case-by-case strategic conversation), but it’s important to watch trends and understand the impact on other social media platforms and content types. 

Globally, specialisation is common. Businesses will engage an organic social media agency, a digital performance agency, public relations firm, website company, design/brand agency. This is how it’s going in New Zealand and reasons for this are; the nuances required with posting organic social media content that gets results, the impact of the recent iOS update (if you know, you know) around consumer data privacy and the list goes on. It’s no longer as easy as ‘just putting up a post’. Plus, gone are the days of employing a Millennial or Gen Z’er who grew up with social media expecting them to know how to create, distribute, leverage and deliver results on social media. 

If you are thinking about starting or updating your social media journey in 2023 here are some questions to ask yourself/the marketing team:

-       Are we posting one particular type of content and are we still seeing engagement? If not, perhaps it’s time to think about different content topics or content types.

-       How could we engage video in our social media strategy? Could the team share some short videos of them doing something fun, dynamic, interesting? The good thing about social media is ‘it’s gone in a heartbeat’ so it’s best to just start and have a try!

-       Does my marketing team need to focus on other things and should I engage a specialist? It’s a good question and worth a discussion with us about the nuances of social media management.

I can feel it in the air - 2023 is shaping up to be quite the year. One thing is certain – the rate of change and growth within social media is going to continue to maintain momentum. So, tell us, where would you like your social media to go? Let's chat about it - book a call with me here


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