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Strategic Email: Do You Have A Plan?

Strategic Email: Do You Have A Plan?

Do you have a strategic email plan to see out the final 16 weeks of the year?

In true Blackjet fashion we’ve been fulfilling our purpose of helping businesses fly high online with impact and this month I wanted to highlight the importance of email marketing. It’s an estimate that around 30% of the businesses I speak to (before they become clients) actively use email marketing in their business. This means 70% of businesses are not using email marketing to nurture existing clients and communicate with prospects.

The reasons for not implementing email marketing seem to be:

  • Are too busy to write and design the content
  • Have done it in the past perhaps but don’t have the capacity to do it as became too busy
  • Don’t understand the technology/platform
  • Unaware of the value and benefit of regular email campaigns.

 Do these points above resonate with you? Keep reading…

 We know from experience that email marketing delivers results:

  • It’s a direct touch point with people straight into their inbox, so they remember your business in times of need.
  • It’s personal and customisable to each unique recipient.
  • It’s a sales tool and a lever to pull.
  • Data is easy to gather to give you insights into what works and what doesn’t.
  • Educates people on what they need to know or want to know.
  • Builds brand authority and rapport through value-add content.
  • A database is a business asset, and one that will add value to the final sale price (should you be heading down this route).
  • And, it’s easy to implement.

Please promise me, if you are going to create an email campaign that it’s not all about you/your business – that it adds value and ticks all or some of the boxes above. This can be done by taking a problem-centric approach; what are the problems of your target audience your business solves and how can you add value to/solve those problems?

This is where working with a specialist in crafting your story, value proposition and brand for online is key. At Blackjet we help businesses by capturing and writing content, implementing strategic social media and crafting emails. To find out how we can help you with your email marketing and beyond book a call with me here, Christine Westbury, email or call 021911958. I look forward to chatting with you about your business and where you want to go.


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