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Creating a Content Bank

Creating a Content Bank

Ever had that feeling of "I know I have to post on social media, but I have no idea what to post?" You're not the only one. It's a common thought that many business owners have, which often leads to content that doesn't resonate with an audience and an inconsistent posting schedule.

However, social media doesn't have to be complicated. It takes strategy, consistency, and a bank of content on hand that's ready when needed. So, what is a content bank, and how do you create one?

A content bank is a portfolio or a collection of assets that are readily available to be used for social media posts.

Content can come from many places, so here are a few ways it can be created:

  • A photoshoot is always a great place to start, and it's great to think ahead and plan for the type of content you want to capture. Whether it's a product-based photoshoot or capturing lifestyle content for your brand, a photoshoot directly speaks to your audience - it is a great way to humanise your brand organically and authentically.

    While human faces and body language are great for establishing a connection that resonates with an audience, another way to capture the essence of your business is photography without showing people's faces. This can be achieved by taking photos of people's hands or looking over their shoulders – anything to highlight a human element in the image.
  • Create a bunch of digital assets that match your brand. These are designed elements in the correct format for social media, such as templates and tiles or graphics that align with your brand identity.
  • Most people have a phone with a pretty good camera, so aim to make the most of it and take candid photos - they don't have to be perfect! It's about showcasing day-to-day content and personal experiences to give your audience a deeper insight into who you are as a brand, so create a folder and add photos as you go – it's an easy way to add to your content bank!

After that, it's super simple to pull it all together.

What are the needs of your audience? What imagery is most appropriate for your messaging? By looking at the content bank and finding imagery that suits your goal, crafting a social media post will be less daunting- instead, an opportunity to connect with an audience.

Creating a content bank and thinking of a few key ideas is a simple way to curate a social media strategy. It allows you to maintain consistency online, and it means you can focus more on what you want to share rather than stressing about needing to post!


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