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The Mirror Theory: Why Authenticity is Key to Social Media Success for Your Business

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Why do some people show fancy cars, expensive trips, and champagne drinking escapades on social media to promote their services and business?

In a recent conversation with a business-owner they expressed that seeing this online gave them a ‘yuck’ feeling. They felt it didn’t resonate with them - it seemed self-serving and egotistical.

However, this person’s social media looked successful. A decent following, strong consistent engagement and business seemed to be flying.

The question to me was “Do I have to do the same to have success on social media?”

The answer – “NO!”

And I’m dubbing this – ‘the mirror theory’.

Creating a Content Bank

Creating a Content Bank

Ever had that feeling of "I know I have to post on social media, but I have no idea what to post?" You're not the only one. It's a common thought that many business owners have, which often leads to content that doesn't resonate with an audience and an inconsistent posting schedule.

However, social media doesn't have to be complicated. It takes strategy, consistency, and a bank of content on hand that's ready when needed. So, what is a content bank, and how do you create one? Read on to find out!

What's your content strategy for the holiday season?

What's your content strategy for the holiday season?
While we all deserve some time at the beach after the year we’ve had, social media and online content are things that don’t ever really stop. One way to ensure you don’t lose momentum online over the holiday period is to have a content plan in place. We’ve gathered some content ideas to utilise this upcoming silly season, so you can  continue flying high online while enjoying some well deserved time off.