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Why LinkedIn is important for social media success

LinkedIn could be/should be your best friend… but why?

When it comes to LinkedIn, people are usually in one of two boats:
  • They’re super active – regular posting, connecting, and sharing achievements with the community. Basically it’s the professional equivalent of Facebook.
  • Or, they’re not big on social media, and only have a personal LinkedIn account because classmates/workmates/significant others suggested it’s probably a good idea to do so.

For those in the latter boat - trust us, we’ve heard it before, and from experience: maximizing these opportunities and using LinkedIn is advantageous! 2023 is the year to amplify your personal brand and see results like never before. Read more below to find out why.

Why LinkedIn is an untapped pot of gold
With over 740 million users, LinkedIn is the place to be when it comes to networking, hunting for job opportunities or growing a team, and showcasing achievements - particularly within a given industry. LinkedIn is often overlooked as a branding tool though, because it can seem intimidating for some people and/or businesses.

LinkedIn is unlike any other social media platform, being solely focused on professional connections and career-related activities. More than that – it also offers a learning platform, a sales navigator, an in-built messaging system, and a variety of account options. We’ve collated a range of tips below to help utilize these features – check them out.  

Optimizing your profile
Profile optimization is crucial when it comes to getting the most out of LinkedIn, because it helps increase visibility and establish expertise within a given field – both of which make it easier for others to find and connect with you. Here are some simple tips to help get kickstarted: 

  1. Use keywords and phrases relevant to the industry when crafting a profile.
  2. Make sure to highlight skills and accomplishments – don’t be shy!
  3. Use a professional photo that is an accurate representation of your brand.
  4. Make sure to keep your profile continually updated with experience (work or otherwise) and achievements.
  5. Regularly try to connect with people, whether that’s colleagues, classmates or industry contacts.

These help make a profile more attractive and search engine friendly, increasing the chances of being found by the right employer, candidate or otherwise.

Build your network
Now is the time to begin building out a network and engaging with the community. This can be a great way to build a strong online presence while also becoming established as a thought leader in a given field. Why? Because the more connections, the more eyes that are seeing your content, which in turn leads to more opportunities to engage with others in the industry. There are a range of ways to do this: sending a connection request, a personalized message, or simply commenting, liking, sharing and prompting discussion.

Why consistent posting is key
Like with any social media platform, consistency really is key when it comes to building an online presence. Regular posting helps keep a profile visible, especially for thought leaders within the industry. Whether aiming to post once a week, fortnight or even once a month – just keep it consistent.         

Creating authoritative content
To our point of demonstrating expertise within the industry, one of the best ways to do this is through creating and sharing authoritative content, whether in the form of articles, infographics, video content or otherwise. Just make sure it’s relevant and adds value to the current conversations being had in the industry. 
LinkedIn can be a great platform when it comes to brand-building. Unlike its counterparts, it offers a wealth of opportunities to build a personal or company brand and establish expertise within a given field. In following the tips above, anyone can tap into the pot of gold that is LinkedIn and help take a brand to the next level. Worried about how this might look? Reach out! Book your free strategy call with us to talk all things brand-building HERE.


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