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The Mirror Theory: Why Authenticity is Key to Social Media Success for Your Business

Why do some people show fancy cars, expensive trips, and champagne drinking escapades on social media to promote their services and business?

In a recent conversation with a business-owner they expressed that seeing this online gave them a ‘yuck’ feeling. They felt it didn’t resonate with them - it seemed self-serving and egotistical.

However, this person’s social media looked successful. A decent following, strong consistent engagement and business seemed to be flying.

The question to me was “Do I have to do the same to have success on social media?”

The answer – “NO!”

And I’m dubbing this – ‘the mirror theory’.
Potential consumers of your service want to see themselves or their aspirations when consuming social media content.

It’s almost as if they are looking in the mirror and seeing themselves.
This business owner had a different approach to their business - whilst they were in the same industry, their core values were completely different. This particular example is the property management industry.

The first example was about the lavish lifestyle, vs the conversation, which was with an individual whose business was built around providing property management services based around sustainability, sourcing eco-conscious alternatives, reducing, re-using and recycling where possible.

My suggestion? Be you! Stay true. Both strategies work.

The mirror theory suggests that clients who want to incorporate eco-conscious initiatives will be drawn to what you share. They’ll see themselves in your content. They’ll value the tips you share from expertise in the industry.

Clients who want to or live a more consumer-driven lifestyle will be drawn to engage with the first example.

Alignment with clients is where the magic happens. In fact, as business owners we want clients to self-select. To feel we match. To feel connected.  

The mirror theory is a key part of social media strategy. Think about these key points when preparing social media content from now on:

  1. Who is my ideal customer? How do they speak? Where do they hang out? What are their characteristics? – match this tone/style in your content with both imagery/styling and words.
  2. What are their problems? Challenges? Fears? – answer these questions in social media content. Show empathy and add value to these issues to build trust.
  3. How do I show we are human? – show the people within your business, customer stories, testimonials, reviews. Prospective clients want to see who they will be working with.

And then finally, social media is a vortex of comparison. Confidence and success come from being clear about ‘who you are online’, ‘what value you add’ and ‘who your target audience is’.

If you are unsure about how to articulate these points, feel free to reach out. I’d be happy to have a chat and throw strategy ideas around.

Let me know if this ‘mirror theory’ resonated or highlighted any thoughts for you. I’d love to hear! 

Until next time,
Fly high,
Christine Westbury, Founder + CEO, Blackjet.



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