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Social Media Outlook: Why You Need to be Humanising your Brand

Social Media Outlook: Why You Need to be Humanising your Brand
With the year well underway, we’re already seeing a number of businesses realise that they need to be prioritising their online presence. Here at Blackjet, we work with a very wide range of businesses. Although their digital strategies differ from one client to the next, we’re seeing a very clear theme amongst all of them that is delivering results across the board — the need to humanise their brand. When it comes to creating an effective social media strategy, humanising brand is everything. Think about it — your customers don’t want to buy from a brand who uses inauthentic stock imagery. They want to buy from other humans who they identify with, people who understand their pain points and can offer a solution. So… how do you humanise a brand? We’ll tell you exactly how — read on to find out!

Favourite Implementation Apps + Tools

Favourite Implementation Apps + Tools

I'm always on the hunt for apps or tools for social, marketing or photography.

Here are my Top 10

1. Klaviyo

Early 2019 I switched from Mailchimp to Klaviyo for my ecommerce business. Klaviyo intergrates incredibly well with Shopify, providing excellent reporting. But the biggest game changer was the email flows capability. While Mailchimp does offer email flow capability, Klaviyo drove bottom line profit by increasing ecommerce conversion with email flows.

2. Mailchimp.

Better suited to service based businesses as opposed to ecommerce (in my opinion).

3. Hootsuite

Perfection for post scheduling, I'll use Hootsuite for scheduling basic posts and blog post announcements to Facebook, LinkedIn, and sometimes Instagram.

I do prefer to post directly to Instagram.

There are some limitations - sometimes to be able to tag profiles in LinkedIn or other specific platforms real time posting is required.

4. Buffer

Another post scheduling tool which I am currently testing for

5. Planoly

For the 'grid perfection' on Instagram. I'm a big fan of a beautifully curated feed/grid, but not at the expense of posting or not posting. I like to review posts for my personal Instagram in Planoly to see visually how the grid is looking. Available on the Apple store.

6. Plann

Very similar to Planoly. However I use the free version to store my hashtags. By creating different hashtag 'sets'. when posting to Instagram all that is required is to simply copy over the hashtags and pop them into the first comment. Available on the Apple store.

7. Videoshop

For simply video editing. Available on the Apple store.

8. Lightroom

Editing photography using presets for the perfectly curated feed, or, to save the dark, terrible photo and turn it into something wonderful.

9. Presets by Stacy in Lightroom

I've purchased the Presets by Stacy package to dramatically enhance photography using Lighroom Presets. Game changer.

10. Content Calendar Planner

This is such a simple and easy way to visualise content and activity. I've created a free download HERE. I'll add the plan when content will go live on the calendar and print it for the wall. It keeps me accountable and help execute the plan.


What are your favourites? Comment below!