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The Mirror Theory: Why Authenticity is Key to Social Media Success for Your Business

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Why do some people show fancy cars, expensive trips, and champagne drinking escapades on social media to promote their services and business?

In a recent conversation with a business-owner they expressed that seeing this online gave them a ‘yuck’ feeling. They felt it didn’t resonate with them - it seemed self-serving and egotistical.

However, this person’s social media looked successful. A decent following, strong consistent engagement and business seemed to be flying.

The question to me was “Do I have to do the same to have success on social media?”

The answer – “NO!”

And I’m dubbing this – ‘the mirror theory’.

From within the bubble: What we are seeing with social media right now.

From within the bubble: What we are seeing with social media right now.

Business owners — I see you and I feel you.

It’s a bit of a weird time at the moment, right? It can be tricky navigating business when everything is so up in the air. It’s probably safe to assume that while you’re making alternative business arrangements and looking out for your team, the last thing you want to worry about is social media content. Comms are important of course — customers and stakeholders need to be kept in the loop, but other than a “the team is working remotely, we’re here for you” or a “our doors are closed at the moment, see you when we see you” social media post, where do you go from there? Should you share photos of your team in their bubbles baking the 2021 version of banana bread (which is cinnamon scrolls by the way!)? Should you carry on with the original content plan? Should you put a halt to social media posting altogether?

There is a right answer… it comes in two parts.